Sample Buyer Profile Questions

We’ve Put Together a Helpful List of Sample Buyer Profile Questions

The following are a few sample questions that are contained in a BUYER PROFILE. Your CII Advisor will use your answers to match you to the right business.

• Why do you want to own a business?
• What types of businesses are you most interest in owning? Why?
• What skills will you bring to the business?
• Do you want to be a hands-on or absentee owner?
• What type of work schedule would you prefer?
• How far from your home would you be willing to travel to your business?
• How much do you expect to earn from your business?
• How do you plan on financing the purchase?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It’s highly recommended that you enlist the aid of a Professional Business Advisor during your search process. A CII Business Advisor can provide you with access to businesses for sale that you will not find on your own. At CII, we have access to thousands of available business that are not advertised publicly as being for sale.
CII tailors our business search to each Buyer’s unique criteria of industry, revenue range, cash flow, location, management capabilities and other parameters.

Before presenting opportunities to our Buyers, we investigate them through an initial valuation and due diligence process to ensure the quality of the opportunity and a match against the established criteria. CII serves a valuable role to Buyers who are aggravated by the time wasted reviewing business opportunities not suited to their needs.